Management Consulting & Research

Janic Group works alongside clients to research and create business feasibility plans.  We assign an MBA plan writer who works closely with our clients, to understand the needs of our clients’ company, map out the business plan and prepare key items, such as the target market, milestones, and financial objectives.

We work alongside clients to anticipate potential industry game-changers, apply a differentiated point of view on agricultural trends and opportunities, and build proven, successful business models.  Once completed, the following steps are completed to provide our clients with a polished, professional business plan:

Research & Financials-Using modern marketing research techniques, the most up-to-date information and key statistics for our client’s company are gathered.  The business plan includes 5 years of pro formal financials, custom created for our clients’ business model.

Review-Upon completion of the written and modeled plan, our clients are provided with the opportunity to make a thorough review and provide Janic Group with feedback.

Design-Janic Group’s in-house graphic designers will provide our clients’ plan with a polished, professional look which complements the company’s branding.

Print-In this final step, once our clients are 100% satisfied with the custom business plan, Janic Group will ensure our clients receive a professional print.  Two professional-grade, full-color plan copies are delivered directly to our clients.